Spartan Helmet
Spartan Helmet

Spartan Helmet Metal Full Sized with Black Created Plume

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Part Number:V-N2266/ V-80527
This ships by itself, unless you order two helmets.

Defend Greece, or just your living room. These Spartan Helmets are extremely accurate rendition period pieces. There is an intricate black plume down the middle. Inner Diameter Front To Back 9 inches, Ear To Ear 8 inches.
Circumference is 26.69 inches.

18 gauge Iron steel with Shiny Finish

Inner Diameter Front to Back 9 Inches

Ear to Ear 8 Inches

Height 18" Inches from Top to Bottom

Please note there is a protective coating of oil/grease on this that can be easily removed with any household degreaser.

This is just like the one from the 300 movie! Go Sparta!!

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