550 Paracord Survival Belt - Autumn Camo

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A great accessory item for hikers, backpackers and just about anyone else, the conventional belt has been turned into perfect survival tool by packing approximately 550lbs of paracord strength into a handy cobra weave pattern. Leaving behind a fully functional belt with a sturdy steel box-frame buckle, the cobra weave unwraps to provide approximately 80 feet of usable, high quality rope that can be used in a million ways including (but definitely not limited to) tying down just about anything, fastening makeshift weapons like a lasso slingshot or building a tripwire (please see below for an exhaustive list of ideas for how you can use your paracord). Completely weather-proof and water or moisture resilient, this nylon cord can be expected to last more than a decade and is extremely tough and durable- when it comes to paracord, Atlanta Slings & Things is your name to trust for reliability and longevity under any conditions.

Emergency/Survival Uses of Type III 550lbs Paracord:
Building an emergency shelter by tying a structure together.
Repairing a boot or shoe, or even as a boot lace.
An emergency tourniquet can be improvised.
Tie a blade down to make a spear.
Fishing, by using one of the inner strands as a fishing line.
Building a trip-wire alarm attached to a noisy object, like a can with pebbles.
Hang your bag down from a tree branch to keep animals away.
Repair torn clothing by sewing or tying the inner core strands.
Snares. Build a trap that will catch dinner for you.
Building a tow-rope by looping Paracord 10 times for 5,500lbs capacity.
Repair and secure equipment, or even hang it from a belt.
Makeshift weapons, like a lasso slingshot.
Secure an animal or make a temporary leash.
Floss your teeth with the inner strands.
Make a hair tie, or even a head covering.
Put up a clothes line to hang clean laundry to dry.
General tie down of much anything.
Uses only limited by your imagination.

Overall Length: 44 Inches (fits size 32 through size 44)
Paracord Length: Approximately 80 Feet
Paracord Strength: 550lbs
Number of Cords: 1
Number of Core Yarns: 7 Strands
Color: Autumn Camo
Features: Steel box-frame belt buckle, Cobra Braid Weave

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