AK47 Bayonet Knife

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This is the ultimate AK47 Bayonet: Azan AK47 Bayonet Knife. Replicated from the original bayonet blade that was made for the AK-47 rifle, this bayonet will live up to it's expectations. The high quality stainless steel blade features a blood groove for the full functionality of this knife. The blade style is spear point but has a distinct taper on both sides of the blade. Even the guard is made of hard stainless steel with the original shape and hole through the end. The handle features Rosewood design inserts bolted to the tang of the knife. The pommel consists of solid stainless steel and has been crafted to balance the knife out evenly. An original leather sheath is included.
Authentic and usable, this high quality AK47 Bayonet Knife is made for high performance gun mounts. On the pommel is a locking mechanism designed for use on a real AK47, and other rifles. It has a slip locking design that makes it very easy to slide right into place. There is also the authentic spring locking mechanism that clicks into place. The locking mechanism is part of the full tang on the bayonet. This makes it extraordinarily durable. It also features a loop hole on the guard of the knife. The solid wood handle is hard, compressed wood that has been smoothed and fits onto the knife very tight. The blade is very sharp and thick.

Overall Length: 13.5 Inches
Blade Length: 9 Inches
Blade: Spear Point, Bayonet, Sharp, Stainless Steel
Handle: Wooden, Inlayed
Features: Blood Groove, Unique Guard, Tapered Edge
Includes: Leather Sheath, Belt Loop, Securing Snap

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