Bishamon Fully Functional Forged #60 High Carbon Steel Katana Sword, Same (Ray Skin) Handle with FREE Wooden Storage Box

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  • Blade Hardness of Shinogi (Blade Ridge): 45 Degrees
  • Blade Hardness of Yakiba: 58 Degrees (Yakiba means "Fired edge." Area of hardened steel on the cutting edge. The Yakiba is outlined by Hamon.)
  • Tsuba & Parts Material: Gold Plating and Silvering

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3 color choices for scabbard. Red, Black or White!

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This sword is called, "Bishamon". Bishamon - God of War and Defense, one of the Seven Deities of Good Luck.

It is a fully functional forged high carbon steel. It is #60 high carbon steel.

This sword comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. It has a serial number engraved into the blade underneath the tsuka. Engravings are called Horimono. The Certificate will have the date your sword was completed and the sword makers stamp. The saya also has 6 sageo knots around the kurikata (knob on scabbard).

The tskua (handle) is made of rayskin and silk ribbon in a Tsumami Maki wrapping style. The overall length is 41 inches. The blade length is 31 inches to the tskua. The tskua (handle) is 10 inches. The blade thickness is .27 inches. This will come with a free decorative storage display box.

The katana's shape and structure is made according to the Japanese traditional construction methods. The blade is crafted with high carbon steel, and is formed by thousands of hand forged. Special clay is applied to the blade, and heated to 750 Celsius. This process produces a hard edge and softer back after water quenching. The bent of the katana is self-formed through quenching. The blade is also abrading polished through numerous coursed by handcraft, with point line, sharp edge and fine clear temper line.

This will come with a free decorative wooden storage box. The actual box may vary from pictures, and may or may not have hinges, this is a free gift to you.

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