Bullseye Dragon Target Throwing Board

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Part Number:TG096D / OA071_1
Nail your target dead in the bullseye after practicing on this medium density synthetic Dragon Target Board. Perfect your speed, range, and accuracy by trying to hit the target right in the middle. The synthetic foam corkboard works with throwing knives, throwing stars, blowguns, kunai, and darts. You could even use this with a crossbow or bow and arrow. Hang it up outside or in your basement at a safe location and please understand the safety precautions.
*Proper Use: Hang the dart board so the backing is directly against a flat surface, like plywood, a wall, etc.

Diameter: 14.75 Inches
Material: Medium Density Synthetic Corkboard
Colors: Yellow, Black, Red
Suspension: Steel Hanger
Design: Dragon, Asian Writing

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