Busted High Security Authentic Triple Hinged Nickel Handcuff

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This Busted High Security Authentic Triple Hinged Stainless Steel Handcuff set a new standard for security and quality. These are authentic enough for official use. Swordsswords uses the highest quality steel and a strict manufacturing process to produce this high quality high security police handcuff. Our triple hinged handcuff design is ushering in a new era of officer safety. This will help our law enforcement officers with one thing in mind, to save officers lives. This Busted High Quality Handcuff provides a new safe and efficient way to restrain a suspect with a triple pawl which engages the teeth of the swinging bow of the handcuff.

This Heavy Duty Triple Hinged Handcuff offers an above standard triple hinged for maximum strength and literally unbreakable hinges. It comes equipped with two nickel keys which housed the double lock tip. It also has single strand teeth with single strand groove which fits seamlessly through the double strand body offering more security. Our Official Law Enforcement handcuff comes equipped with a beautifully stitched black faux leather sheath with a large belt loop to fit standard duty belt. The closing on the sheath offers a velcro mechanism making the handcuff readily available for action. Our Official Law Enforcement handcuff features the double lock hole to help prevent the handcuff from tightening more on a suspect hand. To release double lock mechanism, turn the key counterclockwise and to release handcuff, turn the key clockwise. These higher grade handcuff features a stainless steel nickel finish. Please note that because of nickel finish scuff marks may be visible on handcuff.

Restraints should receive regular care and maintenance. Inspect them frequently. Keep the ratchet and key hole free of dirt, lint or other foreign substances which may hinder proper functioning.

Overall Length: 9.25 Inches
Minimum Inside Opening: 2 x 2 Inches
Maximum Inside Opening: 3 x 2 Inches
Material: High Quality Stainless Steel, Nickel Finish
Features: 2 Keys, Double Lock Tip, FREE Leather Sheath, Belt Loop Fit Standard Duty Belt, Triple Hinged

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