By Onikiri-40" Practical Fully Functional DAMASCUS Sword Katana with real Ray Skin

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By Onikiri- Practical Fully Functional Sword Katana with Real Ray Skin!

The Onikiri Practical Katana has a hand forged and folded DAMASCUS 1060 carbon steel blade. This is a very sharp blade! The Tsuba is of the dark dragon. The guard is an iron in a gun metal finish. The handle utilizes a one piece brass construction habaki (blade collar) to ensure proper fitting of the blade into the saya (scabbard). In addition, authentic ray skin (same) is used to wrap the tsuka (handle) and then tied with imported Japanese cotton .

Free Cleaning Kit
Free Wooden Storage and Display Box

* Overall Length: 40"
* Blade Length: 28"
* Handle Length: 10 1/4"
* Painted Black & Lacquered Wood Saya

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