Chameleon Decoy Putrid Zombie Hunter Knife

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Chameleon Decoy Putrid Zombie Hunter Knife
Part Number: HK1-BS
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This knife features a curve 440 stainless steel blade, sharp as a dragon’s tooth, and houses a teeth-like serration on the upper spine. The blade is large and supports multiple cuts and slashes without going dull. The blade sports a unique style pale green color camouflage finish, it makes the visibility when using in emergency conditions easy to see. The holes on the blade make this knife more tactical with a fierce outlook. The handle offers a graceful but yet a tactical design with rims around the handle, a short guard, and a steel butt cap which are engulf in the same pale green camo as the blade.

Overall Length: 12 Inches
Blade Length: 7 Inches
Blade Material: 440 Stainless Steel, Skull Finish
Handle Length: 5 Inches
Handle Material: ABS Composite, Skull Imprint
Includes: Durable Black Nylon Sheath with Belt Loop, Steel Butt Cap
Style: Skull

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