Combat Evolution Elite Forces Military Black Knife

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Combat Evolution Elite Forces Military Black Knife
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The Combat Evolution knife has an extraordinarily thick blade made of high carbon, high strength Stainless Steel and a black anodize finish. It is almost 5mm thick, which is thicker than some high-end swords. This is more than the run-of-the mill hunting knife. The Combat Evolution's primary focus is RELIABILITY under any stress or situation. If you want a knife that performs, the Combat Evolution meets all standards and criteria for use in the wild.

The Combat Evolution blade shape matches a Bowie type with a clip point. Instead of a large and thin blade, the Combat Evolution has a shorter, fat blade. It is more reliable than a regular outdoorsman can ask for, meeting Military Standards for excellence. It has a very sharp, fine edge blade. The forward upper spine is angled and sharpened to an extent to improve upon piercing. The reverse upper spine presents Double Opposing Serrations with tons of sharp points. No sacrifices are made with this knife. It meets the standards of both hunting and military quality enthusiasts.

An aluminum S-shaped guard is fixed above the handle. It is between 5.2mm and 7.6mm thick to protect the hand. The hard ABS handle is diamond textured and fits the rounded contours of the hand. This is the type of handle you can squeeze as hard as you want with swampy hands. The aluminum pommel is wrinkle coated black. It features a standard tie hole and a paracord rope. Using an Allen-head (Hexagonal) tool, you can remove the handle and pommel for cleaning and customizing.

The Combat Evolution knife comes with a hard ABS sheath, which is more like a scabbard. This is a high performance holster meeting the demands of any environment. Eight holes surround the sheath allowing you to tie it to your leg or exterior armaments. Fix the sheath to your belt via the wide and thick nylon loop. It is just about as strong as a seat belt, and we know seat belts are made to withstand a lot. The locking buckle is high strength ABS and operates much different than other buckle locks. Please take extra care in choosing a reliable knife that can meet military enthusiast demands.

Overall Length: 12 Inches
Blade Length: 7.2 Inches
Blade: Clip Point, Bowie, Combat
Blade Material: High Carbon Stainless Steel, Black Anodized Finish
Forward Spine: Tapered, Factory Sharp
Reverse Spine: Double Opposing Serrations
Blade Thickness: 4.7mm
Tang Thickness: 5.2mm
Guard: Aluminum S-Shape, Wrinkle Coated
Hand Grip: Diamond Textured ABS, Flat Green
Pommel: Aluminum, Wrinkle Coated
Features: Removable Handle, Paracord Tassel
Sheath: Hard ABS, Tie Loops, Paracord Tie
Belt Loop: Tough Nylon, Buckle Type

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