Commando Combat Dagger Camouflage

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Commando Combat Dagger Camouflage
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From the tip of the trailing point blade, to the razor sharp edge, this full tang combat knife is fully camouflaged and will outpace any target. It is fast and designed to be stealthy, with full coverage in camouflage pattern. Nylon cord wraps the handle black for secure grip. Additionally, the cord doubles for survival, as you may need some length of cord to accomplish a task, it will always be with you. At the pommel sits the unique index finger hole. The hole helps to guide the knife naturally in your hand, and keeps it secure no matter what it runs into. The Commando Combat Dagger is bred for pure fighting and survival.

Buy it now and get a FREE tough nylon sheath included with the knife. The sheath is thick nylon and has a belt loop hole to keep it securely on your belt.

Overall Length: 9.5 Inches
Blade Length: 5 Inches
Blade: Trailing Point, 440 Stainless Steel
Blade Thickness: 2.85mm
Sharpness: Razor Sharp
Handle: Full Tang, Solid Piece
Grip: Nylon Cord Wrap
Includes: FREE Nylon Sheath, Belt Loop

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