Confederate Cavalry Officer's Saber Sword 36 and 1/4" length

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Confederate Cavalry Officer's Saber Sword

This replica cavalry saber used by an officer in the Confederate States Army is patterned after the 1833 U.S. Dragoon saber. The long, straight blade is common to sabers carried by heavy cavalry of the early 1800s European armies, and was the basis for the 1833 model. Many Confederate cavalry officers entered service with whatever equipment was at hand, and several used the 1833 model or a version of it produced in their local areas. Measuring 36 1/4", this saber features a 31 1/2" tempered carbon steel blade. The hilt is leather with wire wrap and brass guard and pommel. The sheath is black finished steel with brass fittings. This is a great item for the historical collector or the reenactor.

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