Death Reaper Full Tang Chaos Sword

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When death is part of your everyday bread and butter, the Death Reaper Chaos Sword should be in your arsenal of Zombie Apocalypse gear. Full tang 440 Stainless Steel is crafted into a sharp and two-angle tapered blade. The style is similar to a large clipped point blade, but also reminisces of a scimitar. The upper spine is tapered across 90% of the blade. Two massive serrations on the base of the blade shred anything that gets too close. The guard is Stainless Steel, fixed to the tang.

The Death Reaper grip is wrapped in solid black leather. It covers the entire handle and pommel. The loop on the pommel serves for balancing, lanyard hole, and a custom tassel setup. The grip is slightly tacky and easy to hold. A stiff nylon sheath is included with this sword. The sheath has Shoulder strap allowing it to be fixed across the arm or back. It is fully adjustable to any size. There is also the thick belt loop. This sheath has a zipper on it to make it easy to keep your Death Reaper Chaos Sword on standby. The sheath is riveted for extra security.

Overall Length: 25.6 Inches
Blade Length: 18 Inches
Blade: Stainless Steel, Two Huge Serrations
Blade Thickness: 3.7mm
Handle: Full Tang, Solid Piece
Grip: Leather Wrap, Black
Sheath: Stiff Nylon, Zipper, Belt Loop,
Shoulder Strap, Securing Strap

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