Doubleheaded Outdoorsman Felling Axe

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Part Number:WG1022
With an antique, fire forged finish this useful axe looks just as tough as it works. Ideal as either a small working axe or as a throwing axe for timber sports, this single-bit axe is constructed from strong and durable carbon steel and comes oiled to ensure quality. The axe is fitted with a tight-grained solid wood handle that is curved gently for better grip and to aid in swinging motions, it is mounted securely to the head via a metal wedge. The axe-head is very sharp right out of the box.

Overall Length: 14 Inches
Head Length: 2.75 Inches
Head Material: Stainless Steel, Powder coated black finish
Head Thickness: 0.75 Inches
Head Width: 4 Inches
Handle Length: 12 Inches
Handle Material: Wood

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