Dr. Bailey's Instant Smile Instant Smile Teeth Makeover
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Dr. Bailey's Instant Smile Instant Smile Teeth Makeover
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Snap On Smile Alternative Dr. Bailey's Instant Secure Smile Makeover

Instant Smile

 Dr Baily's Instant Smile A secure Smile


A Snap On Smile and Secure Smile Alternative. Are your teeth missing, chipped or cracked? Are you looking for a realistic looking smile without needing to visit the Cosmetic Dentist? Do you need affordable veneers? Do you wish you had An award winning Smile :)? 

Well look no further, Billy Bob Products Has Came up with a Smile Makeover we are proud to present! Dr. Baily's Instant Smile’s Instant Smile is a shell made out of a dental acrylic that goes over your original upper teeth and gums. There is no dark line that is sometimes seen with older front caps. With the use of the plastic thermal fitting beads or denture adhesive (easier), you can provide a custom fit so the teeth stay in your mouth securely.

 Dr. Baily's Instant Smile is the most realistic fake teeth you can buy to makeover your smile.  Instant Smile is not that fake bright smile that makes everyone know they are fake, but rather they are natural in color and even have a slightly translucent appearance like that of real teeth enamel.. Custom fitting takes about 10+ minutes and requires a glass of hot water and a mirror. Detailed instructions are included.



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