Eliminator Magnum 16oz Canister Pepper Spray

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Eliminator Magnum 16oz Canister Pepper Spray
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The Eliminator offers a powerful package of pepper spray. It’s huge and can unload a powerful load of pepper spray with just a press of a button. It shots at a range of 20 feet and comes in a 16oz canister. This personal security product is great to keep in your vehicle or at home at hands reach. It is made from Olesoresin Capsicum which is Red Pepper in a nonflammable water based solution pressurized with nitrogen. This pepper spray is Made in U.S.A.

Length: 9.14 Inches
Ingredients: Olesoresin Capsicum (Red Pepper)
Shooting Range: 20 Feet
Canister: 16oz
Made in USA

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