First Blood Handmade Knife

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First Blood Handmade Knife
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This is the First Blood Replica Handmade Edition Knife. This knife comes with its unique survival kit in the handle just like the one in the movie. The production of this First Blood knife is know to have sold out very quickly, so grab yours before its too late. 8.25" Handmade Stainless Steel blade with rigged upper spine, Survival Kit, forest green cord wrapped handle and leather sheath makes this a perfect hunting tools. The cross guard on one side has a Philips screw driver and on the other side has a flat head screw driver. These are selling very fast.

Specifications :
Overall Length: 14 Inches
Blade Length: 8.25 Inches
Blade: Bowie, Tapered, Satin Finish, Stainless Steel
Handle: 5 Inches, Green Cord Wrapped
Sheath: Genuine Leather Belt
Includes: Survival Kit, Matches, Band Aid, Fishing Rig, Pencil, Compass, Etc.

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