Flash Light JY-Super Rechargeable 4 LED

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Part Number:JY-9950BL- JY-9950OR
Long runtimes, current draw reduction is the primary focus of this rechargeable flash light from JY-Super. Four LEDs provide the primary spot light, reaching up to 150 meters. An additional four LEDs on the casing provide area lighting. Great for lighting outdoors. You can hang the light from it's retractile hanger on the bottom. The JY-Super Flashlight plugs directly into a house AC electrical outlet to recharge the long-life battery. 8 hour run time.
After receiving the JY-Super Flash Light, plug it into a wall outlet and let charge for approximately 8.25 hours. It comes with a partial charge to preserve the battery quality during storage and break-in. Do not leave plugged in for more than 24 hours, do not leave unattended. If the battery is exhausted at any time, charge the battery again as soon as possible. This will provide a healthier battery life and preserve the output.
Never turn on the JY-Super Flashlight while it is plugged into an electrical outlet! Try not to get it wet, it is not water-proof. If it does get wet, store it in a clean, dry place for several days until it is thoroughly dry. Never try to charge a wet flashlight. Disassembling of this rechargeable flashlight can result in electrical shock or other injury. Please see Policy's.

Overall Length: 5.82 Inches
Light Emitting Diodes: 4 + 4
LED Color: Cool White
Distance: up to 150 Meters
Housing: ABS, Acrylic Lens
Run-time: up to 8 Hours
Power: Rechargeable Battery
Features: Retractile AC Charger, Hanger
Available Colors: Red, Blue, Orange

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