Gothic Skull Magnesium Flint Fire Strike Antique Brass

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Gothic Skull Magnesium Flint Fire Strike Antique Brass
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Now you can own a fire starter with a Gothic twist. This fire starter sports a Gothic look with ancient hieroglyphic symbols and a demonize skull which is the scraper. The stainless steel antiqued brass finish sheath conceals the Magnesium fire starter rod. The rod is locked into place with a rubberized O-ring which helps to prevent water from getting into the rod compartment. The Magnesium rod is built upon a cone shaped stainless steel handle with an oval eye. The fire strike is compromise of a Magnesium Rod which you gently shaved to expose the metal rod which strikes the fire. It starts easy fire on grass, paper and leaves. Get 1000s of strikes with this Striker. It is one fantastic survival gear you have to take on your next trip especially for all your survival or camping trips in the wilderness.

Overall Length: 4.25 inch
Magnesium Rod Length: 1.5 inch
Thickness: 5.82 mm
Handle: Antique Brass Finish Stainless Steel
Includes: Antiqued Brass Finish Skull Scraper
Get 1000s of Strikes

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