Hanzo Steel Bill Demon Kill Bill Sword Autographed by David Carradine

Hanzo Price: $699.00
Not for Sale
Please note the versions we have available are identical to the ones pictured below but are NOT the hand numbered version which David first signed. Also there are absolutely no returns on this item so please make sure you are serious when making your purchase. We believe our pricing is well below market value if you consider a signed sword by David that was not even a Kill Bill replica recently sold on the TV show Pawn Stars for $500. This sword is far superior, handmade and functional with a C.O.A., cleaning kit, deluxe sword stand and cloth storage bag. Don't pass this rarity up. These are the "Bill Demon" versions. It's a replica of the one the "Bill" used. Each autographed sword will come with a Certificate of Authenticity and photo of him holding a similar signed sword.

This is a forged functional steel replica sword autographed by David Carradine. This is a sharpened forged steel sword so if you purchase one, please be careful. Comes with a protective cloth cover, cleaning kit and a FREE one piece katana stand.

These blades are made of 1045 (#45) steel in the popular Shinogi Zukuri style. The emblems are ENGRAVED into blade.

The Tsuka (handle) is made with genuine Same (ray skin) and is wrapped in black cord.
The Kashira (buttcap at the end of handle)is curved up to a point.

These buke-zukuri style katana swords have a black alloy Tsuba (guard) that are very durable. The Saya's (scabbards) are made of wood with black lacquer finishes. The body of the scabbards bear a three-leaf sycamore emblem. The Kurikata's (knobs) are wrapped with black cords which are used to suspend the katana sword by your waist, if you choose.

Overall length: 40.55 Inches
Blade length: 28.35 Inches
Handle length: 10.63 Inches
Blade Thickness: 0.3 Inches
Blade material: #45 Steel
Hand forged blade
Full Tang
Hanzo Steel lion emblem engraved into the blade
3 Inch Solid alloy tsuba
Three leaf sycamore emblem painted on the scabbard
High quality lacquered wooden scabbard
Real Same (Ray Skin) used on the handle

These sword scabbards are hand painted, so each scabbard is unique. David Carradine may or may not have written PEACE on the sword we sell you.

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