Hawkbill Cuma Full Tang Reverse Blade Machete

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Part Number:MAT-7
This Hawkbill Cuma Full Tang Machete features a distinct, downward curving blade. The cuma is factory sharpened on the inside curve of the blade for cutting and gathering cut vegetation. The downward facing point can concentrate tremendous force on a small area for piercing as well. It is generally used for cutting tall grasses.
Our Hawkbill Cuma Full Tang Machete offers a carbon steel reverse blade which is factory sharpened and it can also sharpened on the opposite side. The blade offers a primary grind established at factory but will require further sharpening for fine edge. The blade also features three groove lines. This Hawkbill machete is full tang with a natural wooden handle with three rivets. This great machete comes equipped with a green rice sack durable sheath with belt loop ring. The blade comes with a clear coating to prevent from rusting; we recommend you oil the blade after each use. These high quality inexpensive machetes are sold as is.

Overall Length: 24.5 inch
Blade Length: 19 inch
Blade: Carbon Steel, Downward Curving Blade
Thickness: 2.11mm
Handle Length: 5.5 inch
Handle: Full Tang, Wooden Slabs with Rivets
Includes: Green Rice Sack Sheath with Belt Loop Ring

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