High Power Zoom Survival LED Headlamp

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High Power Zoom Survival LED Headlamp
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Our High Power Zoom LED Headlamp light is one Revolutionary focus technological light you will ever find in the market. Its perfect for reading, waking the dog and other outdoor uses. Its a hands free headlamp you cannot afford to have around. It features three levels of output: Fist push into the high light output of production; the second push into the low light output capacity; third push produce flash for emergency or warning. The head laps swivels at a 90 degree point downwards. The High Power Headlamps sports three elastic head straps with adjustable to fit your size while the battery mechanism. It works with 3 AAA batteries which does not come included with the lights. You can also this bright light to nail down to distant object or diffused the light to illuminate a wide range.

-Revolutionary Focus Technology
-Speed Focus
-Bring as a spotlight
-LED Service Life: More than 100,000 hours
-Chip: 1XCree LED
-170m beam range
-75 hours burning life
-160 lm lumen
-Works with 3 AAA batteries-does not come included

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