Huntsman 1 Piece Hunting Knife wth leather Sheath

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Huntsman 1 Piece Hunting Knife wth leather Sheath by Wartech
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Huntsman 1 Piece Hunting Knife With Sheath by Wartech

You will receive one fixed blade that is 8 inches in length. Blade is stainless steel finish. The handle is made of cast metal and wood, making for a tough set for you to take into the wild. Sits perfectly in the durable leather sheath with belt loop.

The knives are can be used to chop as well as pick and slice. A fixed blade is a knife in which the blade does not fold and extends most of the way into the handle. This type of knife is typically stronger and larger than a folding knife. Activities that require a strong blade, such as hunting or fighting, typically rely on a fixed blade.

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