Japanese Animation Urahara Kisuke Zanpakuto Katana Sword

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Japanese Animation Urahara Kisuke Zanpakuto Katana Sword
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Specification Overall Length: 43.5" Blade Material: Stainless Steel Blade Length: 28.5" Handle Length: 11" Blade: Slightly Sharpened Handle Material: Steel/Wood/Imitation Ray Skin Product Description This is a brand new accurate replica of the form of Urahara Kisuke's zangetsu, Benihime (??????, Crimson Princess). Urahara Kisuke is known as the owner of the Urahara shop and the informal teacher of Ichigo. He helped and tutored Ichigo in the ways of the Shinigami, and preparing him to face off with tough opponents. Benihime has been described by Urahara as "not nice" as well as being one of the few known Zanpakut?? with a female spirit. When sealed, Benihime takes the form of a shikomizue (a blade hidden inside Urahara's cane). Because it resides in a cane it's hilt is still the handle of the cane, so it looks different from most zanpakutou. This sword is measured at 43" and features a black finished low carbon steel constructed blade. The blade is fully sharpened, black finished and measured at 29". Entire sword is designed with highly details as the real sword from the anime series. This is a great gift for Bleach fans and entry anime weapon collectors.

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