Japanese Anime GRIMMJOW JEAGERJAQUES Anime Katana Manga Sword

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Japanese Anime GRIMMJOW JEAGERJAQUES Anime Katana Manga Sword
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Specification Overall Length: 40" Blade Material: 440 Stainless Steel Blade Length: 26" Blade: Slightly Sharpened Handle Length: 11" Product Description Grimmjow jeagerjaques is the 6th Espada in aizen's army, his mask is half a jaw on right side of his face. He has blue hair and blue eyes, and he has green lines underneath each eye. His Espada uniform is a white jacket with black inner lining and his sleeves rolled up, he wears nothing under the jacket and leaves it open. He appears to be quite a carefree person, but also has a very short temper and is incredibly violent. He doesn't like authority and does what he wants, even if it clashes with his orders, we first meet him when he and his fraccion come to earth to kill anyone with any spiritual power, he seems to be incredibly strong as he can handle ichigo in bankai with ease, although when ichigo released his hollow form grimmjow was starting to lose, though it should be taken into account that ichigo had bankai and hollow powers released so that is as strong as he can go when grimmjow hadn't released his sword or any extra source of power.

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