Japanese Anime Ichigo Sword Kurosaki Cosplay Replica Sword

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Japanese Anime Ichigo Sword Kurosaki Cosplay Replica Sword
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Specification Overall Length: 41" Blade Material: 440 Stainless Steel Blade Length: 31" Handle Length: 11" Blade: Slightly Sharpened Accessories: Leather Sheath Product Description As Ichigo Kurosaki's legendary zanpakutou (supernatural weapons aka "soul cutter") from the anime and manga series, the Zangetsu (cutting moon) is a uniquely crafted sword. This sword is an accurate representation of a shinigami's spirit power. Never before has the Zangetsu been available to the public. Be the first to stand your ground against evil hollows and protect innocent loved ones. Ichigo Kurosaki is the main character of the anime and manga series BLEACH. The series begins with Ichigo receiving shinigami powers as a result of a run-in with Rukia Kuchiki, one of the many shinigami who inhabit the spirit world, Soul Society. These powers come at the cost of Rukia's own, and as a result, Ichigo is forced to work as Rukia's stand-in, fighting to protect people from hollows (evil spirits), and sending "Pluses" (pure souls) off to the afterlife.

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