Japanese Sword Cleaning Kit - Includes Ball Powder, Hammer, Choji Oil, 2 Pegs, Cotton Cloth In Wooden Storage Box

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A beautiful wooden box contains all you need to clean your samurai sword. You receive in this cleaning kit, a mini hammer, Choji sword oil in a ceramic or glass bottle, powdered Uchiko (powder ball), 2 replacement Pegs, and a cotton cloth. This kit is a must have for all serious sword collectors. Please note the cleaning kit may vary slightly from the picture but you will receive all the tools as stated.
1. Ball of Powder
Function: When you acquire a new samurai sword, or when you have not cared for it in a long time, the oil will over time, may congeal on the blade. It is necessary to use this tool. Knock the blade lightly, and then wipe away with your cotton cloth.

2. Cleaning Cloth:
Used for oiling or wiping the oil off.

3. Copper Hammer
Function: To remove pegs in the tsuka (handle) of your sword. Tear down front-end of hammer, to push the bamboo peg out. To replace peg, put hammer back together and knock into place.

4. Choji Oil:
Function: Special oil for maintaining the blade. Place a few drops of choji oil on the blade and dab with the cleaning cloth. Leave a slight coat on the blade for excellent care.

5. Wooden Box:
Function: To keep Choji Oiled cloth and the rest of the tools needed to maintain your sword for next use.

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