Knights Templar Double Belt Sword Frog Medium

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Knights Templar Double Belt Sword Frog Medium
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Since early B. C. era double wrap belts were used to hold a sword. The weight of a sword can often burden the hips, the double wrap belt frog is the comfortable solution. The belt is made of thick leather raw hide for durability. The straps are nearly 2 inches wide and sport brass rivets across the whole length. The first strap is 44.1 inches, the second strap is 37.4 inches. The buckle itself is solid brass and holds the adjustable strap securely.

Period accuracy is emphasized to make this belt genuine. You can proudly wear it with nearly any sword. The leather sword frog is adjustable and can fit wide broadswords and short swords or daggers. This was popular in the medieval and renaissance periods but used long before by the Celts. It is much more comfortable than traditional belts. A smart investment indeed.

Overall Length: 86.5 Inches Total
Size: Medium Adjustable
Includes: Belt and Frog
Material: Raw Hide Leather, Brass
Fully Adjustable, Sword Frog

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