LG Laser Designator 40MM w/Scope Mount

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LG Laser Designator 40MM w/Scope Mount
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LG Laser Designator 40MM w/Scope Mount

The ND-3X40 Laser Designator is a precision optical lighting instrument using advanced green laser technology. The patented Rotary Optical Collimator allows full adjustment and control of beam diameter and intensity to focus light where you need it most. Rotating the collimator provides enough illumination to light a trail at nigh or paint a target at up to 400 yards. Two CR123 3V batteries provide over 8 hours of continuous. The O-ring seals keep out water, dust and dirt while the adjustable beam allows quick adjustment of beam diameter and intensity. This Laser Designator is precision machined from high tech aluminum alloy. 9 3/4" ov.

Note: This item cannot ship to CA, MA, NY. 

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