Labrys Gothic King Double Headed Axe

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The Gothic King Double Headed Axe is an exquisite expression of Europe and the Mediterranean. Two broad blades (single piece) equally balance on the pole of the axe. Metal rivets on each side hold it in place. The pike and pole are made of Aluminum and give off a brilliant shine. Metal rings across the pole separate the regions with spikes. The handle grip is solid metal wire, wound around from end to end.

This stunning Gothic King Axe is a display for any room, cave, or dwelling. The polished work of art comes with a wooden display plaque. The wood is painted black, and cast aluminum alloy hangers are fastened to it. Double fastening hangers provide twice the holding strength. Extra hardware is included free.

Overall Length: 21.5 Inches
Blade Length: 6.8 Inches
Blade: Double-Bitted, Factory Sharp
Blade Thickness: 3.7mm
Blade Material: Stainless Steel
Pole: Decorative Aluminum
Handle: Aluminum Wire Wound
Includes: Wall Display Plaque, Hardware

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