Latin Double Edge Full Tang Machete 27 inch

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Ultimate chopping, slicing, cutting tool, expect awesome performance from this proven latin style machete. Consider keeping one edge honed to a thin razor sharp slicing edge for clean cutting through light vegetation, and the other side with a thicker heavier enduring slicing angle for thicker vegetation. If your life is in jeopardy those two sharp edges will make your tool a virtual buzz-saw with the ability to cut from any angle and turn of your wrist! Two edges increases sharp cutting availability now when it must cut!
This Latin Double Edge Full Tang Machete offers you a 21.5 inch blade two sides. One side on our machete is factory sharpened but the other side is not. You can sharpen this machete to your likeness. The blade offers a primary grind established at factory but will require further sharpening for fine edge. The blade also features three groove lines. This Latin machete is full tang with a natural wooden handle with three rivets and the blade also features three grooves. This great machete comes equipped with a green rice sack durable sheath with belt loop ring. The blade comes with a clear coating to prevent from rusting; we recommend you oil the blade after each use. These high quality inexpensive machetes are sold as is.

Overall Length: 27 inch
Blade Length: 21.5 inch
Blade: Carbon Steel, Double Edge (one side has primary grind only)
Thickness: 2.00mm
Handle Length: 5.5 inch
Handle: Full Tang, Wooden Slabs with Rivets
Includes: Green Rice Sack Sheath with Belt Loop Ring

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