Marines 1045 Steel Survival Knife

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Out of the battle and strait into your hands, the 1045 Surgical Steel Military Knife is guaranteed sharp. The fine edging on the blade provides a smooth cutting edge and can be sharpened to a razors edge. The fail-proof clip point blade is supported through a full length, angular tang that measures 21mm wide to 11mm at the end of the handle grip. The Marines infantry are not to be taken lightly. They require tough equipment like the 1045 Steel Survival Knife.
Protecting the hand, a 2.5 inch steel guard stretches out to keep the hand from close encounters. The leather-infused, ridge cut grip performs surprisingly well in wet, dry, cold, and hot. A Military Survival Knife must work under all conditions. At the pommel is an aluminum balance, fixing the tang and grip. Although the knife is made for cutting and piercing, the pommel weight balances out a good throw from the knife. Reliability and practicality are worked into the design and function well on any turf.
Make this knife part of your trusted survival gear. It can be easily attached to a belt or the exterior of a bag. The real full tang and 4.05mm thick blade made of 1045 surgical stainless steel will provide you with power to rely upon. Whether you are hunting, camping, hiking, backpacking, fishing, or preparing a Bug-Out Bag, you can find many uses of this 1045 Steel Survival Knife.

Overall Length: 12.25 Inches
Blade Length: 7.15 Inches
Blade: 1045 Surgical Stainless Steel
Clip Point, Fine Edge, Super Sharp
Blade Thickness: 4.05mm
Handle: 4.9 Inches, Full Tang
Grip: Infused Leather, Wet & Dry
Includes: Riveted Nylon Sheath, Belt Loop

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