New Version Kenpachi Zaraki Sword

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New Version Kenpachi Zaraki Sword
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Product Description Overall Length: 43" Blade Material: 440 Stainless Steel Blade Length: 27" Handle Length: 13" Kenpachi is the captain of the 11th division of Gotei 13. He won this honor be defeating and killing the former captain in a duel. He styles his hair into spikes with bells at the tips and wears a special eye patch created by the 12th Division to absorb the bulk of his power. Both of these are meant to give enemies an advantage so that he can have even fights with weaker opponents. Kenpachi's zanpakuto has no known name, even to its owner. Kenpachi is the only captain of the Gotei 13 who doesn't know the name of his sword, so can he fully release his bankai as a result. Despite not knowing its name, it is constantly released. The sword's appearance is a reflection of Kenpachi's own practice of weakening himself to fight: it is a seemingly worn-down and dull blade with a guard that extends inward from its center. The blade is much longer than that of a standard zanpakuto. Despite its appearance, it is quite capable of cutting through most objects due to Kenpachi's immense amount of spiritual power. This is demonstrated when he stabs straight through Ichigo's zanpakuto and later cuts a building in half after releasing the full force of his spiritual power.

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