Norman Helmet stainless steel

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Norman Helmet stainless steel
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Wearable Medieval Costume
Great Helmet for the Theatre, Movies or Intimidating Foes
All Hand Made - Some slight differences in size and finish may occur

This high quality, full-sized wearable costume Norman helmet is forged from 18 gauge steel and is ornamented with brass eye pieces. It is hand-crafted, therefore differences in appearance and size may occur.

The nasal helmet was a type of combat helmet characterised by the possession of a projecting bar covering the nose and thus protecting the centre of the face; it was of Western European origins and was used from the Early Middle Ages until the High Middle Ages.

The Norman helmet we have is full-sized and wearable with any costume and will look great on display in any home or office medieval decor.

This item ships by itself in a box. Your helmet does not ship with a stand.

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