Pepper Spray Potent Pocket Defense

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Pepper Spray Potent Pocket Defense
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Give an attacker a burn they will never forget. This potent little canister fires a nasty defensive system on command. It is small, portable, and easy to hide. It contains the powerful Oleoresin Capsicum used by law enforcement and protection forces. The ABS exterior shell is black with a red actuator button. A safety lock is incorporated in the design to prevent it from inadvertently discharging. The leather sheath is colored red, pink, black, or purple. It snaps closed for a secure encapsulation. A key chain is included to attach a key to the sheath.

Contents: Oleoresin Capsicum, Pepper Spray
Exterior: Black, ABS Shell
Features: Keychain, Safety Switch
Sheath: Red, Pink, Black, or Purple

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