Quality Leather Belt Low Price(Medium)

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Hanzo Price: $7.99
Quality Leather Belt Low Price(Medium)
Part Number: 2618BK
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You always carry your keys, why not protect yourself with this Night Watchman Self Defense Kubaton Keychain by Azan. This mean, steel kubaton keychain is far from harmless with its glass breaker spiked edge. Unscrew the point and reveal the 2.5 inch hidden blade that screws into the end, making it the ultimate 7.5 inch personal security device. This keychain features an all steel body which conceals the blade and sports a key ring end so you will never lose your defense. The rigged steel body allows you a secured tactile grip. You can choose from any of our 3 different colors: Black, Silver or Gold.

Overall Length: 7.5 inch (Blade), 5.5 inch (without Blade)
Blade Length: 2.5 inch
Material: 440 Steel
Includes: Key Ring
Choose From: Black, Silver, Gold

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