Red Boken – Rosewood 40" long

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Red Boken – Rosewood
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It takes years and years of practice to become the world’s greatest detective, the kind of practice that makes a high quality hardwood bokken such as this a necessity. While more than capable of being a solid self-defense weapon in its own right, a bokken is typically used as a practice tool as a stand in for a katana or other sword with the nylon handle wrap, wooden guard and plastic securing ring giving an authentic feel. Featuring a Rosewood finish, this solid and extremely durable unit can also be used as a great accessory for a cosplay or Halloween costume.

Overall Length: 40 Inches
Blade Length: 29.75 Inches
Blade Width: 25mm
Handle Length: 10 Inches
Material: Solid Hardwood, Stain Finish

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