Remington NPSS .177 Cal Black Air Rifle

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Remington NPSS .177 Cal Black Air Rifle
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Remington NPSS .177 Cal Black Air Rifle

Welcome to the new world of break barrel American Muscle - introducing the NEW NPSS, Nitro Piston Short Stroke, break barrel air rifle from Remington. At the heart of this new technological break-through is a nitrogen filled gas piston, instead of a coiled steel spring. The Nitro Piston Short Stroke will not be adversely affected by temperature and allows for much easier cocking force. This gun can be cocked for long periods of time without degrading or losing velocity, like steel springs. This Nitro Piston technology dramatically reduces felt recoil by eliminating the double hit and spring torque associated with steel spring guns. While reducing recoil, the NPSS is also the quietest break barrel ever to come out of the Crosman factory, producing a 70% reduction in shot noise over leading models. Features shot velocities of up to 1200 with lead-free pellets. The Nitro Piston technology provides dramatically reduced noise and recoil which make it an excellent pick for varmint control and small game hunting. Independent research by Intertek found that Nitro Piston technology reduces noise by 70% during the shot cycle compared with traditional steel spring break-barrels! Additionally, the NPSS is feature rich, providing a bull barrel, which minimizes the effects of barrel vibration while delivering better rigidity throughout the entire length, both of which promote greater accuracy. The stock on this new NPSS has a custom film dip process applied, plus a final soft touch coating which delivers vibration dampening characteristics to the entire stock. Also included is an enhanced trigger package of all metal construction and two-stage adjustability. Lastly, this gun comes ready to go with a 3-9 X 40 Center Point scope that features an adjustable objective and a mil-dot reticle for precision shooting. Quiet, smooth and powerful – that is American Muscle. Features: Carbon Fiber body, Nitrogen gas system, 70% quieter than other Crosman spring rifles, Center point 3-9X40 Scope, and one piece mount included ($85 Value). Specifications: Caliber: .177. Ammo Type: Pellets. Body Components: Carbon Fiber. Power Supply: Nitro Piston (Nitrogen Gas). Overall Length: 43.875. Fire Mode: Single-Shot. Gun Weight: 6lbs, 15oz. Muzzle Velocity: 1000 with Lead, 1200 with Alloy. Scope: Center point 3-9x40 AO with one piece mount.

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