Rojuro Otoribashi Replica Sword

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Rojuro Otoribashi Replica Sword
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Rojuro Otoribashi is a former captain of the 3rd Division in the popular Bleach anime. Commonly referred to as Rose, he is somewhat effeminate, with long, wavy, blond hair and a feminine shirt. He is interested in music and plays guitar. He is very calm and wise yet can become easily agitated when his stories are interrupted by Love. Our replica of the infamous sword wielded by Rojuro Otoribashi features a unique guard and a stylish, fantasy appearance. The hilt is made from steel with black and red cord wrapped handle. Under the wrap lies the traditional Japanese Menuki. The guard is made of metal and has the signature shape of a diamond with curved edges and features a copper and stain finish. Its blade is made from 440 steel and has a black and silver finish while the Saya is made of solid wood with a glossy red and black lacquer finish, decorated with red and black cotton Sageo. The Sageo is wrapped in a traditional Bull Horn fashion and tied around the wooden Kurigata. You can't go wrong with this unique sword!

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