Roman Officer Centurion Helmet SCA

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Roman Officer Centurion Helmet SCA
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This is a replica of a Roman Officer's Helmet. The Roman Empire is one of the greatest civilization ever. They ruled for almost a 1,000 years with their empire spreading across three continents.

The Roman Officer was one of the most well disciplined soldiers ever. It was their genius that allowed the Roman Empire to expand. Their Helmet served two purposes, they made the officer easily distinguishable to their soldiers as well as adding an intimating height.


  • The helmet is polished carbon steel.
  • The wings are steel with golden rivets and are mounted on hinges.
  • The crest is steel mounted with two screws.
  • The plum is horse hair dyed red and can be quickly detached.
  • The accents are golden and made durable.
  • The helmet will fit most sizes when worn with an arming cap.
  • Height W/ Crest: 20 "
  • Crest: Removable
  • Width: 8 "
  • Width of Plum: 16 "
  • Circumference: 25.12 "
  • Material: Carbon Steel
  • Condition: Brand New

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