STNG: First Contact Phaser Rifle

Hanzo Price: $274.95
Part Number:STNG: First Contact Phaser Rifle
STNG: First Contact Phaser Rifle

This is a great kit of the Type 3B Phaser Rifle used by the Enterprise crew in the
STNG film “First Contact”. This large kit is cast in 11 solid white resin pieces
and 1 transparent yellow resin piece. This builds an awesome looking rifle
almost three feet long! The side compartment is hollow, to allow for the
addition of a rifle strap (a seat belt was used in the movie). It comes in a photo
box showing the finished prop. Dimensions:  32” long, and 9 1/2” at the widest point

Prop kits shown are 1:1 scale highly detailed replicas of actual props used in the films or shows. Many are casts of actual screen-used prop weapons. Others are based on the actual weapons used by the prop makers with the proper modifications. All kits are cast in heavy solid white durable resin and come in full color boxes picturing the finished prop. Instructions and any hardware or labels required are also included. Since these are resin garage kits, a little kit building experience is helpful for assembling and finishing the prop, but not necessary. Remember, although the finished props look very authentic, these are only resin prop guns and cannot be made to fire anything

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