Sabre Red 1.8 oz. Flip Top Pepper Gel

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Sabre Red 1.8 oz. Flip Top Pepper Gel
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Sabre Red 1.8 oz. Flip Top Pepper Gel

Running, cycling or maybe both today? Doesn’t matter, you need protection. The idea is to be prepared, so take SABRE Red, a trusted brand carried by the NYPD whenever you run, bicycle or exercise outdoors. SABRE Red’s Duathlete Pepper Spray easily straps onto your arm to protect you on foot or on two wheels! The adjustable arm strap fits comfortably around your bicep, and the tear-away design puts SABRE Red’s police-strength pepper spray at your fingertips immediately. A strong delivery stream with a 12 foot range instantly incapacitates any assailant for 10 to 15 minutes from a safe distance. The strap's reflective bands also enhance your safety, alerting drivers and others. Work out, but do it safely with SABRE Red Duathlete Pepper spray! Made in the U.S.A.

Note: This item cannot ship to DC, MA, NY, HI. 

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