Sabre The Cyclist Self Defense Spray

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Sabre The Cyclist Self Defense Spray
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Sabre The Cyclist Self Defense Spray

The CYCLIST provides carefree protection while cycling outdoors. The adjustable Velcro attachment strap easily adapts for a perfect fit at any location on your bicycle while allowing the unit to instantly be removed with one hand for instant use or when the bike is locked at a storage area where you don't want to leave the unit attached. This unit is perfect for attachment to most any bicycle other pieces of equipment other than bicycles where you want to have your protection immediately available. It is great for wheelchairs and mopeds as well. Order one today! SABRE® combines both an irritant (CS Military Tear Gas) and an inflammatory (Oleoresin Capsicum/Red Pepper) to produce a blended formulation, which is superior to all single ingredient defense sprays! 1.25 oz Bicycle Unit, Projects 8' to 10' Feet. Includes an adjustable, tear-away bike holster.

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