Safeguard All-Purpose Bicycle Warning Lights

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Whether you are taking a night right, amateur rider or a professional rider; one thing is for sure, you have to be safe on the road. With our Safeguard All-Purpose Bike Warning Lights, you can never be safer. Featuring a front and back light system, this bike warning light is the perfect light to fit your everyday bike riding needs. The front power beam features 5 LED super bright beam and fits perfectly on your front handle while the back light provide a reflective red and amber color with inside light. The back light provides 7 functionality; A Solid Light, Fast Blinking Light, Slow Blinking Light, Right Moving Light, Left Moving Light, Fast Moving Flash and Light Running Back and Forth. This exquisite lighting system will make the perfect safety light when riding outdoors.

-5 LED Front Power Beam
-Back Red and Amber Reflector and Light
-7 Functionality Light
-Front Beam Works with 4 AAA batteries-Not Included
-Back Light works with 2 AAA batteries-Not Included
-Includes: Fittings for front and back light

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