Security+ Stun Gun by Cheetah 2.5 Million Volts -3.5 inches overall length

Hanzo Price: $24.99
Usually Ships in 7-10 business days
Part Number:M-ES-J-43PINK
By merely touching a person with this gun, one can render even the most aggressive attacker dazed, passive, and immobilized for several minutes, leaving you plenty of time to escape. This 2.5 Million volt power pack stun gun features a flashlight, siren and a stun gun. It has an easy to use off switch for safety concerns. This stun gun is rechargeable.  The on and off switch is located at the bottom of the stun gun. To keep it secured, the lanyard loop can attach right to your wrist. Item includes a free nylon pouch with belt loop and instructional literature.

Overall Length: 3.5 Inches
Voltage: 2.5 million Volts
Power Source: Rechargeable Battery
Features: Flashlight
Includes: Literature, 115V Wall Charger, Strap, Pouch

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