Self Defense Twilight Werewolf Keychain with Sheath

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Self Defense Twilight Werewolf Keychain with Sheath
Part Number: M0894-CH
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This indestructible steel werewolf design self defense key chain will sure bring you attacker to their knees with one punch! Featuring a detailed and light weight molded Werewolf face, these self defenses Werewolf keychain sports two deadly pointy 1 inch ears which gives you the extra protection you need. The two eyes finger hole can fit almost any size fingers and its equipped with a ring for you keys. This is a great concealable weapon to have with you all the time. Choose from any of our wonderful colors: Black, silver and rainbow. Now you can defend yourself anywhere.

Length: 4 inch
Width: 3 inch
Material: Steel
Colors: Black,silver or Rainbow

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