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Strong and reliable enough to have been used by paratroopers during WWII, this cord rope will hold 550 pounds of force. You may want this paracord keychain to hold all your keys or to hang around your neck on an outdoor expedition but some day you might need it for something else. Seven nylon core strands are covered in a nylon sheathing exterior making this paracord stronger than conventional rope. Looping this rope multiple times will multiply it's holding capacity. Tightly weaved neon green and black braid, the keychain necklace is tied into a cobra stitched combining two sections around a key ring forming a tactical keychain on one end and a large necklace loop on the other end.
Completely weather-proof and water or moisture resilient, this nylon cord will last more than a decade and still counting. Do not settle for any other paracord except Atlanta Slings & Things name brand for reliability and longevity under any conditions. Buying a 9.84 foot length is great for all projects and can be cut to fit. Peace of mind comes from a piece of 550 paracord.
Paracord was first deployed on the battlefield as actual parachute cord during World War II. Soldiers on the battlefield found it is very strong and has hundreds or thousands of uses. Not long after, the term “Paracord” was dubbed in reference to this type of rope. Now, it is even weaved into cobra stitched patterns and worn as a necklace or keychain when going on a hiking trip through the mountains.
Emergency/Survival Uses of Type III 550lbs Test Paracord:
- Building an emergency shelter by tying a structure together.
- Repairing a boot or shoe, or even as a boot lace.
- An emergency tourniquet can be improvised.
- Tie a blade down to make a spear.
- Fishing, by using one of the inner strands as a fishing line.
- Building a trip-wire alarm attached to a noisy object, like a can with pebbles.
- Hang your bag down from a tree branch to keep animals away.
- Repair torn clothing by sewing or tying the inner core strands.
- Snares. Build a trap that will catch dinner for you.
- Building a tow-rope by looping Paracord 10 times for 5,500lbs capacity.
- Repair and secure equipment, or even hang it from a belt.
- Makeshift weapons, like a lasso slingshot.
- Secure an animal or make a temporary leash.
- Floss your teeth with the inner strands.
- Make a hair tie, or even a head covering.
- Put up a clothes line to hang clean laundry to dry.
- General tie down of much anything.
- Uses only limited by your imagination.
Not a certified life-line, but is tested to hold 550lbs of weight only from our manufacturer. We are always finding new ways to use Paracord. Feel free to comment in the reviews with uses you have found for our Type III Paracord.

Unknotted Length: 9.84 Feet Total
Knotted Length: 18.5 Inches
Paracord Strength: 550lbs Test
Number of Core Yarns: 7 Strands
Color: Neon Green & Black

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