Sugar Loaf Great Helm Helmet Including Display Stand

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Sugar Loaf Great Helm Helmet Including Display Stand

Wearable Medieval Costume Helmet
Great Helmet for the Theatre, Movie Room, creating your own movie, or just to wear around town.
All Hand Made - Some slight differences in size and finish may occur

This high quality, full-sized wearable costume Viking helmet is forged from 18 gauge steel and is ornamented with brass eye pieces. It is hand-crafted, therefore differences in appearance and size may occur.

We will ship you a free wooden stand!

* This medieval helmet weighs over 5 pounds.
* It is approximately 9 inches ear to ear.
* The circumference is approximately 28 inches.
* 18 gauge low carbon mild steel and brass is used

The tall, pointed top of the Sugar loaf offered a much better glancing surface than the older flat-tops, allowing blows from a sword, mace, or axe to be harmlessly deflected. This medieval helmet was used from about 1275-1300 A.D. This is an authentic reproduction of the Sugarloaf Great Helm. This is the medieval time helmet replica and widely used for the fantasy and re-enactment purposes. Great for Halloween, The Renaissance Festival, or for display in your home. It is recommended that you wear an inner cap before use, (not included, but you can go here to get one.

Wear this helmet with you fantasy armor costume and make your impression. Oil and lacquer is used during shipping. Please note your helmet stand will be black or brown wood. Thank you.

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