Survival Equipment Archery Arrow 26 Inch

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Survival Equipment Archery Arrow 26 Inch
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Fiber-based arrow bolt is microscopically strait for precise and accurate archery. The fiber bolt is reinforced and withstands the impact, great for target practice. A rounded chrome plated head keeps the arrow in consistent shape during use. Colored fletching indicates which side is up and how to use your bow to it's fullest. The nock end is highlighted in reflective green so you can discretely spot a shot from a distance.

Compatibility: This arrow works with all of our medium and beginner compound and recursive bows including:
Stealth Compound Bow Set 20Lbs
Recursive Training Bow 20Lbs Set

Overall Length: 27 Inches
Bolt Length: 26 Inches
Diameter: 0.8mm
Fletching: Yellow & Red
Nock: Reflective, Yellow, Tapered
Quantity: 1

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