Survival Tanto Emergency Fire Starter Hunting Knife

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Survival Tanto Emergency Fire Starter Hunting Knife
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The native North American cube dweller survives in a habitat that rarely requires reliable access to fire. However, should he leave the protection of the office and enter into a more hostile environment, fire may quickly become a very valuable ally. It provides warmth, protection, light and companionship - not to mention its great for cooking camping, hiking, hunting and cooking outdoors.

This Survival Tanto Emergency Fire Starter Hunting Knife is equipped with a sharp black tanto style anodize steel blade with a black nylon cord wrap handle which offers a straight forward design. The handle design features a comfortable feel while allowing your fingers to clutch tight. The knife also includes a durable nylon sheath with belt loop.

Accompanying this Survival Outdoor knife is the emergency fire starter. The fire starter is compromise of a Magnesium Rod which you gently shaved to expose the metal rod which strikes the fire. It starts easy fire on grass, paper and leaves. The striker also offers a plastic mold handle with a lanyard to secure it around your wrist. It is one fantastic survival gear you have to take on your next trip.

Overall Length Knife: 7 inch
Blade Length: 3 inch
Knife Blade: Tanto Anodize Steel, Spine Thumb Grip
Handle Length: 4 inch
Handle: Full Tang, Black Nylon Cord Wrap
Fire Starter Length: 3 inch
Fire Starter Material: Magnesium Rod, Lanyard Wrist Cord
Includes: Durable Nylon Sheath for Knife and Fire Starter

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