Takeda Shingen Samurai Forged Functional Steel Katana Sword - Free Stand & Cloth Bag

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Takeda Shingen 1521-1573

Born in 1521 as the eldest son of Takeda Nobutota who was the leader of the Takeda Clan. In 1541, he inherited his father's fued and was expelled from Yamanashi Prefecture. Yamanashi Prefecture (山梨県, Yamanashi-ken) is located in the Chūbu region of the island of Honshū, Japan. The capital is the city of Kōfu. He tried to first expand his territory toward north and entered a conflict with another strong warlord, Uesugi Kensin (Click for his sword here). As both of them are good tacticians, the battle of Kawanakajima ended in a draw. When Takeda Shingen was 49 years old, he was the only daimyo with the necessary power and tactics skill to stop Oda Nobunaga's rush to rule Japan. After the death of Imagawa Yoshimoto, he raised a big army to occupy Kyoto. At just 52, he died due to illness during a battle against Tokogawa Leyasu in 1573.

We will send you a free sword stand and a free sword bag with this sword.

The tskua (handle) is made of imitation ray skin and cloth in a Tsumami Maki wrapping style. The overall length is 40 inches. Outside the saya, the tskua and blade are 39" inches in length. The blade length by itself is 28 1/4 inches.

The saya (scabbard) is wood, painted black and lacquered. It has black cotton wrapped around the kurikata. The saya has 6 black sageo knots around the kurikata (knob on scabbard).

The end of the tsuka (handle) is the Kashira (buttcap). It is constructed of alloy. .

Blade: Created with handcraft, heated with clay applied, with a knife stem, can knocked-down, sharp edge.

Don't forget, We will send you a free sword stand and a free sword bag with this sword!!!

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